Road Patta (Dreams) is also into contracting application of the Road Marking Material which facilitates us to complete the in house value chain in the Road Marking industry. For application assignments, AIIPL utilizes in house manufactured machinery as well as imported and indigenous 93 machinery. Roadpatta has already executed more than 40,00,000 Sq. Meters of Road Marking successfully which includes more than 50 projects.

Our track record of timely completion of projects with the reputed companies itself provides us the repetitive orders from our existing clientele base. Further we have our dedicated team who keeps track of new contracts being awarded in the industry and follow up for the procurement of the Road Marking contract portion by showcasing our growth in the industry. We are in constant touch with the major road building contractors and infrastructure companies all over India through our team of representatives headed by projects manager who operate from our central/regional offices.

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This information relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of Road Patta (Dreams) knowledge and belief accurate and reliable. This information supercedes all previous health and safety information issued by Road Patta (Dreams). However, no representation, warranty of guarantee is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy himself as to the suitability and completeness of such information for his own particular use.

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We Provide all type of Road Safety items. Like Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Cats Eye, sign Boards , Over head gantry, crash barrier,Median marker etc work.

Road construction companies of govt as well as private sectors companies are our main Industrial partners. Apart of this, we have several collaboration from different sector of businesses and manufacturing industries.

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