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Road Patta (DREAMS) felt the need to develop a product that, in addition to providing safety and full compliance with the increasingly exacting international standards, was also in tune with environmental requirements. The goal was thus to create product that would be in keeping with both the roads themselves and their surroundings, thus blending the needs of the environment with road engineering techniques.

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Roadpatta is wholly committed to build and sustain itself as a Road Marking organization where quality shall be the hallmark of every aspect.

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We have a qualified team which is dedicated towards quality. With the help of a systematic process orientation, focus and commitment, enables us to turn out products with a guarantee of absolute quality

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Quality Control

The quality control department consists of well equipped laboratory managed by a competent team who are engaged in the inspection process right from procurement of raw materials to final execution of contracts.

Decade of undefeated success

In Road Safety & Management, Road Patta has proven its excellence and success for past 15 years.Click on the button to browse galary.

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Successfully finished projects

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Capital (Millions) & investment

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Year of experience with pride

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Quality assurance program

Our quality assurance program involves the following : Implement quality management systems Process capability study Process inspection in all stages Solving customer complaints Corrective and preventive actions

We are the best in the business

Our Qualities make us different from others and unbeatable in the market.


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